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Practicing for over 25 years!

3228 Ponce De Leon Blvd
Coral Gables FL 33134


Dr. Raymond D. Kimsey, DMD


In the past patients were always referred from other patients and doctors, however, today people look more towards the internet for information.

Here is what our patients are saying...

Emergency Visit
K A.
My daughter had a bad toothache from a cavity that needed to be filled. But come to find out the tooth was worse then just filling it in. The dentist I had originally gone to wanted to do a pulpotomy and sedate her. The first night she started feeling bad pain in her tooth that wouldn't stop I called a friend of mine who recommended Dr. Kimsey the very next morning. We got into the office and right away his staff was very welcoming and kind with my daughter and myself. He immediately told me that we need to pull the tooth out as it was going to get infected if we did not. He did the procedure right then so she wouldn't go any longer with the pain. He was extremely patient with my daughter since she was very, very nervous. I highly recommend Dr. Kimsey, he is an understanding, calm and friendly dentist.

Dr. Kimsey will Take Away Your Fears of Dentistry!
cheri b.
I have a immense fear of sitting in the dentist chair, so avoided it for years until I had a problem. NOT the way to go by the way. But thankfully I was referred to Dr. Kimsey, because of my fears by my husbands dentist, who didn't appreciate me crying when told my diagnosis, ha! I immediately felt a calm when in Dr. Kimsey's presence and when given the choice of being asleep during the procedure with no ill effects, jumped at the decision to have him be my dentist for life! He truly cares about his patients, many of whom have seen him for over 20 years and even drive several miles for an appointment. I can't recommend him highly enough because he's taken my fears away and I am now a regular patient.

great dentist
Cindy Z
My husband was a patient of Dr. Kimsey's for three years, until we moved. Dr. Kimsey has several years experience, which I value greatly. He has the ability to make even the most complex procedures seem minor. His office staff is excellent. Unlike other dentists, you don't have to wait months for an appointment.

Gladys L.O.
Great hours, staff and location.
He is great with kids as are his staff.
Excellent experienced dentist, specialty with anxious children. Really knows what he is doing and is honest.

Compassionate dentist 
Maria C.
I am terrified of the dentist so my mouth is a disaster. He has been the only dentist with the patience and skills to put up with me. My extractions, root canals, and implants all went fine.

Like being at home
Kent C.
Wonderful bedside manner!
I am usually very intimidated and feel embarrased when at the dentist but have never felt so with Dr. Kimsey!
Very empathetic to my needs and his staff is simply delightful, they're all very energetic and make me feel at home every time. Strongly recommend!

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